Tiny Fractions On Bandcamp + Other News

Hello, world. We’ve got a few tasty news bites for you.

    1. Our EP “Tiny Fractions” is now available on Bandcamp. This means you’re no longer confined to listening to it on Spotify, and that you can download it and keep it forever! Check it out here, fam.
    2. We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be recording two summer singles in July! If you’ve been to our recent shows, you’ll have heard our two new songs “Warning Signs” and “I Should Have Known.” We’re very proud of them and can’t wait to record and share them with you.
    3. On June 23rd, we’re playing at the Golden Tripod Awards Party as part of TERMINUS Conference + Festival. The awards/party/show will be at The Loft at Center Stage. If you’re interested in attending, buy your ticket to the event here and use the code hearsay for 50% off the price. Bonus: If you poke around on the TERMINUS website and like what you see, you can use our code for 50% off of ANY badge to the event.



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