ALL the updates!

WOW, it’s been a long time since we updated the ol’ website. If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve seen that we haven’t gone anywhere.

On the contrary, some big things have happened:

  • We’ve added a new member to The Hearsay fam– the multi-talented Chase Nixon (who is an incredible all around musician) is now playing keys for us!71545804_920415324996844_3925102351899164672_nThis opens up so many musical possibilities for us and gives us a bigger and better sound. If you haven’t seen Chase in action with us yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. In fact…
  • We are playing upstairs in the Music Room at Smith’s Olde Bar on December 1st. It’s on a Sunday, but it’s early in the evening, so no worries, you’ll still be able to get your beauty sleep. We are playing with an amazing musician Tim Kohler, who will be accompanied by his Friendship Orchestra. We are also honored to share the stage with the mind-blowing talented teens in the School of Rock East Cobb House Band. Trust me, prepare to be amazed…


  • Lastly, we’ve been writing like crazy and are preparing to record a professional studio album at a great studio with a producer that we’re excited to work with. It’s a pretty big deal for us, and we are SO excited to share these songs with you soon! Want to stay in-the-know for everything album related? Join this mailing list right here.

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