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New track “I Should Have Known”:


Verse 1:
I caught you deep inside, the secrets in your eyes.
You don’t think that I know what you did;
You play innocent so well.

It’s you that I adored, you said you wanted more.
I don’t think you ever thought it through, didn’t have a clue,
So tell me why–Why, why, why, would you say “I do”?

I keep sinking slowly in this place that we call home.
Keep your hollow heartache– all of this time I should have known.

Verse 2:
You’re checking off your list of what is wrong with this.
“Queen of projection” I….I think it’s clear,
You know exactly who’s to blame here.

Push me back and forth through your revolving door.
I’m buried in your wreckage far below, top to toe,
So tell me why–Why, why, why, won’t you let me go?

I keep sinking slowly in this place that we call home.
Keep your hollow heartache– all of this time I should have known.

Summer Single #1: “Warning Signs”:


Verse 1:
Love comes with warning signs
A smile yielding caution.
4 years- you think I’d learn
That seduction’s not your game.
You just caught me off guard,
Continued rehearsing.
Move after move, you sell your “truth”
Yeah that’s that shit you’re dispersing

2 steps – We’re in
The room is perfect but the color seems wrong.
4 more- You win
Check your doubts at the door, girl, I’m giving you my all.

“Close the door.”
You take me for granted, why can’t I stay away?
“Can I take a little more?”
Dance, dance, baby, with every word you say.

Verse 2:
Eyes shine sincerity,
Lips disguise the lies you keep.
Beauty covered quarantine
Trying to find inside.
What it is that you hide,
Calculatedly genuine.
Big blue eyes filled with tears
Will never fool this fool again.

Pre-chorus 2:
“My phone” – You cry.
We’re finding your words at the same damn time.
Intentions pure – No lies
It’s getting hard to fight what’s inside of your mind.


Tiny Fractions EP



Verse 1:
Sitting all alone, in an empty cleared out room
Staring at the blank walls, I found clarity
Seems I lost my peace, peace of mind
Still, I refuse to be broken, no not this time

But I, do solemnly swear, I’ll always be near
And I, I know that things can get hard
Just keep that lock on your heart and we’ll see

Verse 2:
I’ve been searching for something true, across the distance
and just my luck, I was met with a furious resistance
I brace myself for the storm that encompasses all
But, I can’t help but wonder just where we’ll fall

Weekend Warrior

Verse 1:
Oh no, I think we crossed the line.
Fool me twice– oh, baby, not this time
You drag me to your room, it’s gonna happen soon
I look the other way–until you grab my face.

You’re the rush that hits like a highway crash,
And I’m the long-awaited fix you took when you finally got the cash,
And you’re a boomerang that flew straight back into my chest,
And I’m your favorite toy you lost and found; you’re so careless,

So, go on– take my bleeding heart.
You know it’s been yours from the start.
But, once I was your personal troubadour,
And now, baby, I’m just your weekend warrior.

Verse 2:
What am I to you? What are we getting into?
What did you come to say? What are you playing at, babe?
I don’t have time to read our history out line by line,
So here’s the show, here’s the encore that you’ve been shouting for.

Make It Out Alive

Verse 1:
Life is just a series of reactions
Made of parts and tiny fractions of what’s real.
I can’t believe just how things happened
Please excuse my words and actions, I can’t help the way I feel.

Don’t fight the currents, you’ve got no control
Gotta keep on moving and go with the flow
‘Cause swimming’s much better than being dull and dry
Keep your head above water if you wanna make it out alive

If you wanna make it out alive (Oh, Oh, Oh)
If you wanna make it out alive (Oh, Oh, Oh)
If you wanna make it out (Oh, Oh, Oh)
If you wanna make it out alive (Oh, Oh, Oh)

Verse 2:
Life is just a series of reactions
The expansions and contractions of our hearts
Ideas, my convictions, and my passions
All intricately fashioned, make me the sum of moving parts

Don’t let it bring you down
Don’t let life drag you under

All music and lyrics ©️ The Hearsay 2017